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Foodies Guide: Queenstowns Top Eats

queenstown new zealand skyline gondola

“Eat Well, Travel Often.”

Queenstown has so many things going for it, not only does this beautiful little town have great nightlife, beautiful scenery everywhere you look, an abundance of activities for every holiday type but it is also a great place to eat! If there is one thing to look forward to when you go on holidays, it’s that you get to eat whatever you want and not have to worry about going to the gym at the end of the day. Holiday calories don’t count right? Below I’ll share with you my favourite places to indulge at and my list of Queenstowns top eats.

Botswana Butchery

It was only by chance that I found myself dining at this class A restaurant but I am sure glad it came about. If you love sinking your teeth into a delicious cut of meat as much as me, then this is the establishment for you. Luxurious dining, a large selection of wines, a menu boasting a range of flavours and tastes, all served by top quality staff makes this one of the most popular restaurants in Queenstown. I highly urge you to make a reservation ahead of time if you want to dine here on your trip.

My pick of the menu: Scotch fillet from the butcher’s block. One of the most tender, flavoursome steaks I have ever eaten in my life. Without doubt make sure you get a side of the duck fat roasted potatoes to complete your meal. Just when you thought potato couldn’t get any better, cook it in duck fat and have yourself the crispiest, mouth-watering roast potatoes you ever laid eyes on.

sirloin botswana butchery queenstown top eats

Source: Botswana Butchery Instagram

Patagonia Chocolates

Aside from the wide range of scrumptious, hand crafted chocolates available here as the name suggests, this shop also have a full cafe menu with a prime position on the lake front in town. Everything on the menu sounds better than the next and makes for some tough choosing.

My pick of the menu: The hot chocolate!! Oh My Goodness…if there is anything better than walking around in the cool winter air and warming up with a hot cup of cocoa, I don’t know what it is. Patagonia hot chocolate is to die for; it’s creamy and basically sugar heaven in a cup. I cannot recommend it enough. If you visit in summer and it’s too warm for a hot chocolate, swap for one of the many varieties of ice cream Patagonia offers. Also an honourable mention to the crepes with choice of ice-cream flavours, this is definitely a close second on my pick of things to eat in Queenstown from Patagonia. If you don’t get enough of your fix while in town, be sure to grab a treat from the stand at the airport and take something home with you to enjoy later on.

patagonia hot chocolate queenstown top eats

Source: Patagonia Chocolates Instagram


Taking a ride to the top of the skyline gondola is a must do while in Queenstown. Make the most of your time at the top with a luge ride and a meal at the restaurant with the best view in all of town. Make sure you make a booking ahead of time and request a front window seat, although anywhere in the restaurant will give you marvellous views as you treat yourself to a delectable feast.

My Pick of the menu: Buffet, it’s one of few choices and I understand buffets won’t be for everyone but fill your plate up high and take in every bit of that scenery. Make sure you leave plenty of room for all the dessert options; the little tubs of hokey pokey ice cream are delish. Note lunch is a cheaper option and you can take full advantage time wise of the daylight. If you go for dinner, be sure to head up early and check out the views during the day as well as under the twinkling night lights.

stratosfare queenstown top eats buffet

Source: Skyline Queenstown Instagram

The Cow

Tucked away in a tiny little corner of Cow Lane, if you haven’t previously heard of this place and you aren’t looking hard, you would probably miss it. If you have on the other hand heard of it, you know you are on to a good thing. With a simple but mouth-watering menu The Cow offers an Italian style menu specialising in pizza and pasta. The menu may not be fancy but you can be sure your meal will be big in flavour. This restaurant is another to put your name down for ahead of time, alternatively plan for a really early or later dinner as they have limited seating. The small establishment rocks the cosy feel, complete with outside heaters and roaring fireplace inside.

My pick of the menu: Her Majesty’s Pleasure Pizza, don’t forget to add pineapple because pineapple on pizza rules! Don’t even try to argue with me otherwise.

the cow restautant queenstown top eats

Source: Eatout NZ

Cookie Time

Warm, gooey, melting chocolate chip cookies…enough said. Apart from stuffing your face with cookies, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice at Cookie Time. They have cookie shots, loaded milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, coffee and sundaes to name a few. Perfect for a late night dessert snack but also no judgement if you want it for breakfast either.

My pick of the menu: Classic chocolate chip cookie straight from the warmer and melt in your mouth goodness.

cookie time queenstown top eats

Source: Cookie Time Instagram

Speight’s Ale House

If you love a good pub meal or cheap, filling lunch specials are your thing, then Speight’s is the place for you. Be sure to grab a drink as well and taste the many award winning, New Zealand brewed ales and beers on offer.

My pick of the menu: Chicken Parcels…so delicious. Can you really say no to anything wrapped in pastry? The hint of peach in these parcels really makes the dish and I’ll leave it with you to judge for yourself. Also grab some Kumara fries, fries can only get better when made with sweet potato right? Sweet potato fries are taking over menus these days and our friends in NZ have been perfecting them for years.

speights ale house queenstown top eats chicken parcels

Source: Tripadvisor

World Bar

You have to have at least one night with a few drinks in Queenstown, it just wouldn’t be right not to. When the time comes, you want to hit up the World Bar. While you’ll find a simple but appetizing menu of pub meals such as burgers, nachos and Mac ‘n’ cheese what you’re really there for is fun times and cocktails!

My pick of the menu: Teapot cocktails! Because how do you make a normal cocktail better? You make it essentially all alcohol; serve it with a set of shot glasses and straight out of a teapot! Ok so this one is mostly pure novelty. Be honest who doesn’t want to fill their Instagram with pictures of alcohol served in a teapot, but they really do have a good combination of flavours to the array of cocktails available on the menu, that you won’t find on repeat at every bar you visit.

teapots world bar queenstown top eats

Source: World Bar

Flame Bar & Grill

This restaurant is another to add to the itinerary for those of you that enjoy your meat. Hidden away in an upstairs location, you will also need to make a reservation well in advance here, as this place has a reputation for great food! With a fusion of South African and New Zealand style dishes Flame undeniably ranks in my top 5 meat related meals of all time.

My pick of the menu: The full rack of ribs, this is Flame’s signature dish and for good reason. You just can’t go past a secret recipe basting and meat flame grilled to perfection. If you are a lover or ribs, you cannot go past these guys. I also tried a small amount of the Rib-eye from my fellow diner’s meal and it was also amazing! I don’t you would find anything on this menu that wouldn’t have your taste buds tingly and leave you feeling content.

ribs flame bar grill queenstowns top eats

Source: Flame Bar & Grill Instagram


Being Australian there’s nothing we love more than a good pie! It’s an Aussie staple and something we automatically turn to for lunch on the run when you’re busy jamming your days with adventure. It’s also something you’ll find yourself craving on your travels because you just can’t seem to find them in other countries. Lucky for me, our friends across the ditch do them just as well if not better. Fergbaker is your go to place for pies, bread and basically all pastry related deliciousness.

My pick of the menu: This one is just a little too hard, so I’m going to have to choose more than one. Fresh baguettes that will give Paris a run for its money. Breakfast rolls complete with scrambled egg, scrumptious relish and served on freshly baked bread. Of course, all of the pies and all of the many flavours they offer, Leigh can vouch for the venison if you feel like trying something a little more specific to New Zealand.

ferbaker queenstowns top eats pie

Source: Tripadvisor


While we are on a roll with the Ferg family and to end on the highest point, you can’t go past Fergburger. Chances are if you know anyone who has been to Queenstown you will have heard all about this Queenstown staple. If anyone visits Queenstown and doesn’t come home raving about how good the burgers were, then you’re probably not even human. There is a reason that these burgers are world famous, they are honestly so good that now every burger I try, at home or around the world, I find myself rating on a scale of 1 to (was it as fabulous as a Fergburger) 10. I kid you not; I literally rate these burgers as the best I have ever eaten. You will find ridiculously long lines if you don’t time your visit right but don’t let this put you off because good things come to those who wait!

My pick of the menu: Little Lamby burger. We all know that New Zealand is famous for its sheep and after sinking your teeth into this tasty treat you will understand why. Perfectly paired with its signature sauces, you’ll be questioning yourself on whether it’s acceptable to have a burger for every meal of your trip. The answer is of course yes, perfectly acceptable, there’s a breakfast burger on the menu for a reason! Make your meal complete with a side of Ferg’s crispy homemade onion rings. If you not a lamb fan try the original Ferburger (beef) or I also highly recommend the Bombay chicken.

fergburger queenstown top eats

Source: Tripadvisor

I hope this post has given you all a little inspiration  to enjoy some of Queenstowns top eats and finding some of your own favourites. If you have any suggestions of where else to get amazing treats and eats be sure to share in the comments below so I can add it to my long list of meals for my next visit. Happy eating and happy bellies. Xx Flick


Destinations Oceania

Photo Diaries: Queenstown, New Zealand

mirror lakes new zealand

It’s no secret that Queenstown and I have a little love affair going on. It’s only a hop skip and a jump (or a three hour plane ride) from my home town of Brisbane and somewhere I constantly find myself longing to return to.

Long days on the ski fields, hot chocolate rugged up in my favourite winter coat and sitting back relaxing while taking in the breathtaking view as far as the eye can see from next to a toasty fireplace, this place holds nothing but fond memories for me.

There is literally something for everyone in this worldly town. Queenstown is a year round destination regardless of wether you want fun in the sun in the warmer months or a winter wonderland when the cooler months come calling.

It’s a food and wine lover’s paradise, an adrenalin junkies dream come true and a family paradise where you won’t catch anyone complaining “I’m Bored”.

Surrounded on every side by stunning, majestic (slightly misty some might say) mountains and set on the edge of the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu, it’s the perfect destination for your next holiday.

glenorchy new zealand

glenorchy new zealand

glenorchy new zealand

dog sledding cardrona new zealand

pine cone queenstown

glenorchy new zealand

kea bird snow

queenstown new zealand lake wakatipu

queenstown new zealand skyline gondola

holly snow

glenorchy new zealand

queenstown new zealand lake wakatipu

cardrona hotel new zealand

If you get the chance, pay this beautiful town a visit. There is no doubt in my mind that Queenstown will win your heart just like it did mine. If you’ve already been and fallen in love as well share your love affair with me in the comments. Xx Flick